Sharing some Mackenzie-Childs love!!!!!!

  I am a Mackenzie-Childs addict! I have a large collection but it didn't happen overnight! I started probably around 20 years ago. These 2 canisters are the older original ones. I also have the short squatty one. I have a thing about black & white check, too, so I had to have these mosaic tiled flower pots!
  This lamp was a gift from my Mom and I believe was what started my addiction. Thanks, Mom! I love domes, too, to put little precious things in. I know, this is a cheese or butter dish, but I don't care. ...repurpose, repurpose, repurpose!
  I don't stick to only pottery. I am an equal opportunity collector! This glass pansy bowl is a hat stand for this fantastic vintage flower covered hat and I have some enamel pieces, too.
  I found this wonderful Mackenzie-Childs shards mosaic frame at an antiques mall in San Antonio a couple of years ago. That's my sweet children in the photo. Please note the zebra print chair, I have 2, and the great italian bowl in front.
 In a corner of my living room is a small oak wardrobe. Any surface in my house is covered with things so I can't let the top of the wardrobe go wasted now can I? One of a pair of sconces on the wall, a tile and enamel platter mixed right in with a very large antique mercury glass vase and 2 antique memoryware crocks.
  On a shelf inside a cupboard is this nice thistle vase. The "wreath" in the background is actually an old flower covered hat! I LOVE that hat and watched it at a shop for weeks until my Mom finally bought it for me!
  Look at my "beloved" tuffet! More black things, majolica, tole flower candleholder and a great black transferware plate.
  This is only a small part of my collection. I will save the rest for later and also show you some of my other favorite things.

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  1. Just Beautiful I am a Big fan !! I have made some items that are in that style !1 I have two small Vases I wish I could afford a Really Nice Piece for My kitchen I just remoldeled!! But I am like you I will wait and when I can I will collect!! Awesome site!!