My vintage dishes creation!

 I have seen several gals who have been making garden totems, stands and flowers out of vintage dishes on some of my favorite sites and blogs recently. Well that sent me into a buying frenzy I can tell you. Look at the stacks of plates, saucers, bowls, cups and stuff! And this is just a part of them!
 Here's more! I can't wait to use the red glass in one and that sweet paisley pot is going to look great, too!  Oh yes.....my husband thinks I have lost my mind, again!
 Here is my first garden stand/totem or it could be used for a party! I love stacked antique cake stands and this is similar to that. It took me a few hours, I kid you not, to finally put together what I liked together. I arranged and rearranged many many times with multiple dishes. Now I know that is a little crazy but I am a picky person. I want it to look just right, not slapped together!
 That sweet cup with beautiful colored flowers was a recent find. And check out the dog bottle...it is a vintage candy container missing the lid-perfect! I couldn't have used it if it still had the lid. I am funny like that! The MacKenzie-Childs saucer went perfect with the vintage dinner plate below.
 I found this candelabra base at a resale shop......it is vintage signed Baccarat crystal, lovely and very heavy, perfect for the base!
For now this first attempt is a keeper. However I am so inspired I have to do more!!! Since they are so delicate they will probably end up at my booths. If I get real brave and think I can pack them well enough for shipping I may list some on my Etsy or eBay sites.  Stay tuned! P.S. Remember you can click on my pictures to get a closer looksie!!


Vintage Birdcage Project Update & My Colorful Antique Daybed

 I posted this picture the other day and told about finding it. I absolutely love this sweet birdcage but the blue had to go!!! I dislike most blues, not AQUA & TURQUOISE which I LOVE, but do not HATE blue like my grandma did. Oh how she hated blue, anything and everything blue and she wasn't afraid to tell you about it either. In the early 70's my Dad had a Satellite Sebring, sooooo cool, as his work vehicle-he loved teeny-bopper cars. Anyway, you guessed it....it was electric blue-again, sooooo cool- and Grandma hated it and she let us know!!! Secretly I wondered if my Dad picked blue just to get her goat, ha! Just to clarify (if you are not my family) this grandma is my Texas grandma. My Missouri grandma couldn't hate anything, at least that is how I remember her!
 Look at my birdcage now after several coats of Krylon "Ballet Slipper Pink"-isn't the name even sweet? It is perfection!
 To top it off I found this perfect green depression glass bird feeder/waterer at a local shop! Of course I jumped right on it, while mildly gasping 'cuz I was so excited, AND it was half price! I hope nobody heard me! And this green is just my color, too. A lot of colors are "just my color"!
 Obviously, I LOVE color, just look at my refurbished antique daybed! (Click the picture for a closer look) I am 53 years old and I slept on this as a young teen when we would visit my grandparents home. They lived in Independence, MO and had awesome garage/estate sales there. My grandma actually bought this at a garage sale for fifty cents!!! It had a pull out bed inside and was covered in a torn faded velvety fabric. When they passed away years ago we stored this at our warehouse. Well, a couple of years ago I finally got inspired and had it fixed up. I found the fabric on eBay and painted the wood black and my local upholsterer finished it up. Then I just started adding throws and pillows-check out the hot pink crushed velvet 1960's bedspread! This is actually in my dining room right now but I have used it in the living room, too! What do you think? Wild, right??? Gotta go now......have a colorful day!