What's blooming at my house!

 Life gets in the way sometimes but I am now ready to blog a little. After taking some pictures I  felt inspired to show what is blooming right now around my house here in deep south Texas. I planted cockscomb last fall and it died. However look what came up from seed, totally unexpected!
 I love variegated flowers! Look at this tulip. The deep blue lobelia, also from leftover seed, is a favorite of mine and will poop out once it gets too hot!
 Texas native, purple sage or ceniza, all in bloom. Every bush in our town was covered in blooms last week!
 Another variegated favorite, moss rose.......
 .....and dianthus which looks like miniature carnations!
 I can't remember the name of this plant but I love the red "puffs" that are blossoms.

 Hot pink bougainvillea in a bright yellow pot.
 My potted poinsettia from christmas looking so good.
 Pretty pink geranium at my front door.
 The blooms fell from the purple sage once they were done......
it looked as if God just poured them in a puddle. They were so pretty all lumped together like that. Have a wonderful weekend everybody!!!!

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