Christmas time!

 Here is our Christmas tree for this year. Actually it probably looks like this every year. We are very traditional and buy the same type of fresh tree every year and use the same ornaments, though adding a few, each year. Remember to click on each picture for a better look!
 Frazier firs are wonderful to decorate. They are not too full with lots of branches and nooks and crannies to put my ornaments. I particularly like old, vintage, antique glass ornaments with some newer ones scattered about.
 I am especially fond of mercury glass ornaments in the shapes of fruits and veggies. Some appear to be sliced open and others are the whole piece. I also LOVE antique mercury glass beaded garlands. The finishing touch on our tree is when I am completely done putting on the ornaments I apply the garlands like icing, draping each garland in swags across the tree. Please note the large bead garland, my favorite, and very hard to find in this size.
 I also love pink and this box of pink goodness I found recently at a local thrift shop for 69 cents!
 Here is a display of vintage and antique Christmas themed china pieces that I got from my Mom. Please notice underneath it all is an assortment of holly and poinsettia silk embroidered antique linens. Both of these collections took years to find.
 I have it displayed on an antique cupboard in my entry. The floor lamps on each side are vintage Mexico which were the standard black color and now creamy white. Hanging above are 2 vintage holiday themed brass wreaths and an antique architectural piece decorated in what appears to be a lyre covered in roses....awesome.
 This picture does not do the rose covered piece justice as it is just gorgeous in person. I hate to admit this but I have probably owned this piece, bought at an estate sale, for maybe 20 years and only recently got it out from under our bed and hung it up.
 I think domes are it! This antique one I bought at a customer's garage sale a few years ago for $35.00 and I like to leave it out year round. On eBay they are several hundred dollars so I am very careful with it. I treasure antique marble lamps and probably have 7 in several sizes scattered about my house.
 More vintage pink ornaments overflowing out of an antique pressed glass punch bowl. Another collection is old silver and these victorian silver plated pieces are some of my favorites. The spool cabinet  that all this is sitting on is a family piece. Many years ago a relative let us go thru his mother's house to see if we wanted anything. It was in horrible shape and was going to be razed. My mom spotted this cabinet but it had no drawers. Once she started poking around she found all the drawers scattered about the garage, yard and elsewhere. She had it refinished and displayed in her home. It is now used as an end table in my living room.
 We bought about 8 pink trees in two sizes at a local shop probably 8 or 9 years ago and we would use them at Christmas in our antiques shop. Everybody wanted to buy them but we enjoyed them so and couldn't part with them. Now that the shop is closed they are used in my home and my parents. I have a nice collection of vintage pink ornaments that just look wonderful on this tree. Check out the antique angel hair decorated angel tree topper.
And if you have followed my blog you know that I also collect MacKenzie-Childs pottery. These canisters are the originals from the 1980's. I decorate with alot of my pieces and also use them for dinnerware. My husband likes it too so he has spoiled me plenty with some of my bigger pieces. This setting is in my dining room on a small buffet...more antique mercury glass beaded garlands in old glass jars, vintage Christmas trees and reindeer and another holiday themed brass wreath above.
  I hope you have enjoyed seeing my version of Christmas decor! Merry Christmas everybody and have a blessed New Year!