...just had to share my "Roses"!

 I have a vintage glass brick vase sitting in my dining room windowsill. It has become a gathering spot for stems of bone china roses.
 I find them at estate sales, garage sales, antiques shops and elsewhere. I may find a couple, a bunch or one and I stick them in this vase.
 I love the colors and variety. These will all end up some day in my mosaics but for now I just enjoy them.
 This box contains about 30 something bone china rose groupings and place card holders. I purchased them on eBay back in the spring but too much was going on to open the box up...so it sat.
 Until now.....look at all those peanuts. I LOVE peanuts. Yes, they are messy and a pain in the rear but oh how I need them for packing when I sell on Etsy and eBay. They are great!
 This is what is in the box! They are exquisite, beautiful, delicate....you get the picture. They will make some of my mosaics just pop!
And lastly, on top of my microwave! Yes, my mother didn't raise me this way..it just happened. Again, look at the variety of flowers. This isn't just roses. There are all types of flowers in this group! Creations are coming, don't know when, but just had to share!!! Have a wonderful week!


My new booth!!!!

 Finally!!!! Yesterday I spent 7 hours working on my new space and I can tell you, I am exhausted!!! Anybody remember that great aqua table from an earlier post??? It is now center stage and covered up with cake stands, garden art, etc. made from vintage ceramics and glass.
  Before I unpacked these though I took everything out of all my locked cases. I dusted and cleaned the glass shelves and then unpacked the new "old" stuff I had priced and brought. Then the fun part! I slowly started arranging my merchandise and I just love how it all turned out!
 In this case I focused on pinks, cranberry, gold, black and pearls with a few other things mixed in! I love mirrors too, and collect them, so see the three I have in this case. Remember to click on my pictures for a closer look! I took these pics just as I was ready to leave so it was quick and not close, sorry. Better pics next time! The mall owner was ready to go so I took them fast!
 I love this cabinet as it is lit, large and locks! I grouped items by color this time and really like how it looks. I find when I am shopping that I am drawn to groupings like this so I decided to give it a try. There's a lot of interesting items in this case.
This is my locking gun cabinet turned showcase. It was at an estate sale that I conducted and had no buyers so I bought it. I am so happy with this case. It could use some extra goods so I will bring more later. Believe me, I have LOTS to bring. It is hard when you are a dealer AND a collector. When I am out "hunting", I can ALWAYS find something to buy. Most of you out there know what I mean. Sometimes I just have to say calf-rope! Enough is enough.
  Just kidding! I can never get enough....................


Middle of the night crafting!!!

 Okay, am I crazy or what?? About 11:00 this evening, after finishing a movie with my hubby I got to thinking about some projects I have been wanting to do. I had to put everything on hold for the last 3 weeks while I finished working on income taxes for us and my folks. Yes....we are some of those folks who wait till the very last possible time to do taxes. Ours was finished yesterday and I took my folks paperwork to the accountant this afternoon!!!
 So I got to thinking....it is bad when I get to thinking!! I started looking at this stack of plates and that stack of glass and what would match with what. I jumped right in and started matching items with other things that look good together. So far so good!
 Oh the possibilities...............I have been buying and buying for this project, and am still always looking for things that would be good go-withs! I don't like to slap things together as I want it to look "just right"! I take my time and try this with that and that with this over and over again until it looks just right...or at least "just right" in my eyes! It is now 3:38 AM and I am wide awake. This is one of those nights that once I get started doing something I can't quit and the time just flies by!
I have several things in the works now like cupcake stands, party displays, garden art, cake stands, etc. and all from vintage and newer china and glass. I just love tinkering with these goodies but I probably should go and try to sleep as I am attending a bridal shower at 10:00 this morning.....but wait, first I want to try this plate with that dish.........................


My new "OLD" display pieces!

 I have been truly blessed this past weekend. I was in a bit of a funk trying to decide how I was going to decorate my new larger booth at Mimi's Attic Antiques Mall. Well, lo and behold, I found this great long old aqua painted store table at one of my favorite junking spots! It has just the right amount of worn pale aqua paint on the legs and skirt and shabby peely white on the top. I posted about it on Facebook and my oh my, everybody wants it!! Sorry everybody, display only-don't you just hate when people say that? Me, too!
 Then on Sunday I ventured out to the monthly flea held indoors, the first for the Fall season. Oh my gosh!! I had so much fun!!! I kinda wound around to the different tables as some were all set up and others weren't. I was buying here and there and then got to one of my favorite sellers. I have a bad habit of looking down at the merchandise on the tables and not at the sellers or what is behind the tables. Well not this time! Staring at me was a very cute 1950's Mexican china cabinet......still with the key!
 I asked how much really thinking they were going to say it was sold........they told me the price, really reasonable, and I said, after only a few seconds because I couldn't believe my luck, I'll take it! The lady was stunned I think because I didn't even go behind the table to look at it closer. It didn't matter, I wanted it! She asked where to deliver, OMG-delivery, too?-but I told her I had my truck, old faithful, with me and I would be taking it once I was thru shopping. I paid her fast!!!
 Isn't is cute?? I was upset last week because a locking display cabinet at my parent's booth had sold that I had my heart set on using and this will fit the bill! Thank you God! God is so good to me. I had to skip church to go to this sale and He didn't let me down. I will be at church next week for sure!
This cabinet is in my dining room and is the same kind, 1950's Mexico, and has the key. I love these sweet cabinets as they have so much possiblity. I painted mine and have it full of some of my favorite things!!! The new one I think I will just use as is for now and fill it up with great goodies at my other booth at Weslaco Antique Mall. I am so excited! Everything is all coming in to place and the weather is even beautiful today. I'd say I have a great start to my week! Check me later!!!! I will be posting photos and blogging about my two booths after all this gets down there and arranged!