Life changes.......

Well, I have been on the road since May 21st. We, (my husband & son) helped my daughter move her truck and belongings to Monterey, CA. and it was a very long 4 days of driving from South Texas I can assure you. It has been a glorious and also a sad time as we brought her to be with her new husband. We are a very close family and to finally "let go" has been hard to say the least. On the other hand we are thrilled that she is finally able to be with her Air Force husband and start their new life together. We have taken many many pictures and I will be adding those periodically once we get home. Tonight we are in beautiful Tuscon, AZ as we make our long way back home to Texas. My family and I are thankful for the safe travel to California and as we make our way home. God is so good!

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