Estate sale findings!

  I am posting pictures today of some items I have found at this latest estate I am working on. Occasionally I find things that I feel might be "Ebay worthy" so I put them on to see what happens. Sometimes these "things" sell really high and make the estate heirs quite happy....and surprised! If for some reason they don't sell I put them back at the house for the estate sale. The top pic is of a necklace made of faceted amber colored beads. It is a very deep color, so pretty. I LOVE old amber.
 Does anyone like Vera? These are older vintage linen towels from the 1970's and are crisp and unused.
 Retro anyone? This piece I call Flower Power! I love vintage enamel bowls and this one is an extra pretty color combination I think!
In my Ebay listing I put "Mad Men" in the title. These are vintage cloth cocktail  napkins in assorted fabrics, feminine and masculine patterns/colors. These really sent me "back" and I want to go watch Mad Men right now!
  If anyone is interested in these items or others I have listed right now just check Ebay. My seller name on Ebay is lynnesfinds. Happy shopping!


  1. Wonderful finds...will have to check out your ebay site!

  2. Hi Janis,
    Thanks for checking out my new blog. I looked at yours and love your latest "creations"! Happy junking!, Lynne