More of my "collections".............

 Just looking around my house this morning when I should be getting ready for church! See these rabbits? I rescued them from the trash long ago. A man was cleaning out a house and thought they were junk! They are actually antique candy containers and the head comes off to put the candy in! They are wonderful! Also pictured are vintage christmas goodies, old flower seed packet in a rose card holder, vintage yellow painted mexico box, etc.
 Look! MORE mirrors! Hello, my name is Lynne and I'm addicted to mirrors! See the small silver standing one in the corner and I LOVE the very small plateau mirror. This size plateau mirror was used to showcase a fancy bottle of perfume or piece of jewelry in the early 1900's. They are very hard to find and I have 3! Yea me! Please also note the pretty antique porcelain doorknob, small Weller pottery with the bird in nest, tiny baby and chair and old millinery flowers, another passion!
 LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my collection of staffordshire animals. It has taken me years to get this assortment together. I used a vintage Mexico box as a shelf to show off the ones in the back.
 Sweet bird's nest my Mom gave me.
 I have owned this little wreath of pink rosebuds for years. I have used it everywhere but it currently hangs from my cupboard knob! Sweet!
This was my breakfast. It was so incredibly good I had to share! Well, gotta get ready for church. Have a wonderful Mother's Day everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Love your collections! I always enjoy seeing what appeals to others. Very nice. Please show more... soon!
    Ladybug Creek