Some more pretties!

 I decided to show a few more of my "things"! Enameled pink bristol glass vases, shabby barbola mirror, sterling silver boxes. The green globe is a vintage mercury glass gazing globe. You used to see them in folk's yards on pottery stands long ago. This one is very unusual in that it sat in a birdbath for the birds to see themselves while splashing or drinking. The little shoes were my play dress up shoes as a child.                                                           

 Tole tray, assorted sweet porcelains, venetian standing mirror and a mackenzie-childs shards covered pot.     
 Sabino glass pieces, tiny chair with a tiny mug, pink & white swirled venetian dish, standing black eastlake framed mirror, bisque nude flower frog, sterling topped shakers and sterling overlay pink vase. I found the awesome cherub covered frame at an estate sale years ago, gave it to Mom and now she has let me have it back. I LOVE it.
Top photo: Mercury glass vase on a small checked chest, old paris vase (a favorite find), Pink & black bowl, german elfinware baskets atop a vintage mexico box, assorted antique jewelry and boxes and a collection of small cut glass vases on another plateau mirror. Bottom photo: Love my mercury glass, black and white enameling on a pink vase, lalique lady figurine, more boxes on a tiny plateau mirror and a small rose painting.
  I hope ypu enjoyed looking!!!!


  1. woW I wish I could come to your house and sit and enjoy your home!!!Ty for posting!!

  2. Thank you so much. I really enjoy decorating, crafting, collecting, etc. Please check back often for more posts and pictures, Lynne

  3. Look at all your fabulous finds, WOW !!!!

  4. Stacey! I just love looking at your "junk" blog!!! Very interesting stuff!!!