Life changes.......

Well, I have been on the road since May 21st. We, (my husband & son) helped my daughter move her truck and belongings to Monterey, CA. and it was a very long 4 days of driving from South Texas I can assure you. It has been a glorious and also a sad time as we brought her to be with her new husband. We are a very close family and to finally "let go" has been hard to say the least. On the other hand we are thrilled that she is finally able to be with her Air Force husband and start their new life together. We have taken many many pictures and I will be adding those periodically once we get home. Tonight we are in beautiful Tuscon, AZ as we make our long way back home to Texas. My family and I are thankful for the safe travel to California and as we make our way home. God is so good!


What's blooming at my house!

 Life gets in the way sometimes but I am now ready to blog a little. After taking some pictures I  felt inspired to show what is blooming right now around my house here in deep south Texas. I planted cockscomb last fall and it died. However look what came up from seed, totally unexpected!
 I love variegated flowers! Look at this tulip. The deep blue lobelia, also from leftover seed, is a favorite of mine and will poop out once it gets too hot!
 Texas native, purple sage or ceniza, all in bloom. Every bush in our town was covered in blooms last week!
 Another variegated favorite, moss rose.......
 .....and dianthus which looks like miniature carnations!
 I can't remember the name of this plant but I love the red "puffs" that are blossoms.

 Hot pink bougainvillea in a bright yellow pot.
 My potted poinsettia from christmas looking so good.
 Pretty pink geranium at my front door.
 The blooms fell from the purple sage once they were done......
it looked as if God just poured them in a puddle. They were so pretty all lumped together like that. Have a wonderful weekend everybody!!!!


More of my "collections".............

 Just looking around my house this morning when I should be getting ready for church! See these rabbits? I rescued them from the trash long ago. A man was cleaning out a house and thought they were junk! They are actually antique candy containers and the head comes off to put the candy in! They are wonderful! Also pictured are vintage christmas goodies, old flower seed packet in a rose card holder, vintage yellow painted mexico box, etc.
 Look! MORE mirrors! Hello, my name is Lynne and I'm addicted to mirrors! See the small silver standing one in the corner and I LOVE the very small plateau mirror. This size plateau mirror was used to showcase a fancy bottle of perfume or piece of jewelry in the early 1900's. They are very hard to find and I have 3! Yea me! Please also note the pretty antique porcelain doorknob, small Weller pottery with the bird in nest, tiny baby and chair and old millinery flowers, another passion!
 LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my collection of staffordshire animals. It has taken me years to get this assortment together. I used a vintage Mexico box as a shelf to show off the ones in the back.
 Sweet bird's nest my Mom gave me.
 I have owned this little wreath of pink rosebuds for years. I have used it everywhere but it currently hangs from my cupboard knob! Sweet!
This was my breakfast. It was so incredibly good I had to share! Well, gotta get ready for church. Have a wonderful Mother's Day everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!


Estate finds: Vintage linens

 I am listing some linens on Ebay that are from an estate I am working on right now. They are in wonderful stored away condition and are in a wide array of styles. Just look at this first pair-south of the border Mexico style.
 This is a beautiful example of white embroidery on white linen. Very pretty & romantic.
 I love this sweet embroidered basket of flowers. The embroidery is done fully, no skimpy thread here. It is then finished off with a ribbon type edge.
 Just look at this cute piece! A sweet and playful dog. Dog lovers look out!
 The next two are "naughty" type towels. Scantily clad women with the important parts "extra" padded!
These were put out for special occasions OR not at all and hidden in the drawer to be brought out and admired once in awhile. All these linens are in wonderful vintage as found condition and are now listed on Ebay under the seller name lynnesfinds. Hope you enjoyed these "blasts from the past"!


Some more pretties!

 I decided to show a few more of my "things"! Enameled pink bristol glass vases, shabby barbola mirror, sterling silver boxes. The green globe is a vintage mercury glass gazing globe. You used to see them in folk's yards on pottery stands long ago. This one is very unusual in that it sat in a birdbath for the birds to see themselves while splashing or drinking. The little shoes were my play dress up shoes as a child.                                                           

 Tole tray, assorted sweet porcelains, venetian standing mirror and a mackenzie-childs shards covered pot.     
 Sabino glass pieces, tiny chair with a tiny mug, pink & white swirled venetian dish, standing black eastlake framed mirror, bisque nude flower frog, sterling topped shakers and sterling overlay pink vase. I found the awesome cherub covered frame at an estate sale years ago, gave it to Mom and now she has let me have it back. I LOVE it.
Top photo: Mercury glass vase on a small checked chest, old paris vase (a favorite find), Pink & black bowl, german elfinware baskets atop a vintage mexico box, assorted antique jewelry and boxes and a collection of small cut glass vases on another plateau mirror. Bottom photo: Love my mercury glass, black and white enameling on a pink vase, lalique lady figurine, more boxes on a tiny plateau mirror and a small rose painting.
  I hope ypu enjoyed looking!!!!


Sharing some Mackenzie-Childs love!!!!!!

  I am a Mackenzie-Childs addict! I have a large collection but it didn't happen overnight! I started probably around 20 years ago. These 2 canisters are the older original ones. I also have the short squatty one. I have a thing about black & white check, too, so I had to have these mosaic tiled flower pots!
  This lamp was a gift from my Mom and I believe was what started my addiction. Thanks, Mom! I love domes, too, to put little precious things in. I know, this is a cheese or butter dish, but I don't care. ...repurpose, repurpose, repurpose!
  I don't stick to only pottery. I am an equal opportunity collector! This glass pansy bowl is a hat stand for this fantastic vintage flower covered hat and I have some enamel pieces, too.
  I found this wonderful Mackenzie-Childs shards mosaic frame at an antiques mall in San Antonio a couple of years ago. That's my sweet children in the photo. Please note the zebra print chair, I have 2, and the great italian bowl in front.
 In a corner of my living room is a small oak wardrobe. Any surface in my house is covered with things so I can't let the top of the wardrobe go wasted now can I? One of a pair of sconces on the wall, a tile and enamel platter mixed right in with a very large antique mercury glass vase and 2 antique memoryware crocks.
  On a shelf inside a cupboard is this nice thistle vase. The "wreath" in the background is actually an old flower covered hat! I LOVE that hat and watched it at a shop for weeks until my Mom finally bought it for me!
  Look at my "beloved" tuffet! More black things, majolica, tole flower candleholder and a great black transferware plate.
  This is only a small part of my collection. I will save the rest for later and also show you some of my other favorite things.