Estate finds: Vintage linens

 I am listing some linens on Ebay that are from an estate I am working on right now. They are in wonderful stored away condition and are in a wide array of styles. Just look at this first pair-south of the border Mexico style.
 This is a beautiful example of white embroidery on white linen. Very pretty & romantic.
 I love this sweet embroidered basket of flowers. The embroidery is done fully, no skimpy thread here. It is then finished off with a ribbon type edge.
 Just look at this cute piece! A sweet and playful dog. Dog lovers look out!
 The next two are "naughty" type towels. Scantily clad women with the important parts "extra" padded!
These were put out for special occasions OR not at all and hidden in the drawer to be brought out and admired once in awhile. All these linens are in wonderful vintage as found condition and are now listed on Ebay under the seller name lynnesfinds. Hope you enjoyed these "blasts from the past"!

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