Estate sale findings!

  I am posting pictures today of some items I have found at this latest estate I am working on. Occasionally I find things that I feel might be "Ebay worthy" so I put them on to see what happens. Sometimes these "things" sell really high and make the estate heirs quite happy....and surprised! If for some reason they don't sell I put them back at the house for the estate sale. The top pic is of a necklace made of faceted amber colored beads. It is a very deep color, so pretty. I LOVE old amber.
 Does anyone like Vera? These are older vintage linen towels from the 1970's and are crisp and unused.
 Retro anyone? This piece I call Flower Power! I love vintage enamel bowls and this one is an extra pretty color combination I think!
In my Ebay listing I put "Mad Men" in the title. These are vintage cloth cocktail  napkins in assorted fabrics, feminine and masculine patterns/colors. These really sent me "back" and I want to go watch Mad Men right now!
  If anyone is interested in these items or others I have listed right now just check Ebay. My seller name on Ebay is lynnesfinds. Happy shopping!


Tuesday happenings......

  I LOVE to feed the birds that come in to my little backyard. We have the typical sparrows, every kind of dove there is, cardinals, black birds-yuck, kiskadees, hummingbirds, etc. As I was walking thru the living room this morning I looked out at the back yard and saw these sweet ducks in my bird feeder. Yes my bird feeder is actually a bird bath but I use it for feeding! I yelled for my husband so he quickly took this picture. We just sat and watched till they flew away, which wasn't very long!

  We are totally finished with last weeks estate/moving sale. As of this afternoon everyone got their things picked up and I turned in the keys. I LOVE that feeling.
  This evening I worked for awhile on the next estate sale and things are shaping up! Which brings me to the picture above. We have been sorting and snooping and looking for neat things! Anybody have one of these or remember them? I found this yesterday in a kitchen drawer at this house. This is a small paper or note clip, in this case a paid bills clip. It isn't very large, about 2 1/4" wide, and is pottery enclosed by chrome. This little piece is by the Holt Howard company who put out really retro items back in the 1960's and this is from their "Pixie" line. There were other clips with different words, and other pieces like mustard, mayo, jelly jars, and in general kitchen type wares. This piece I have had before, found at a garage sale years ago, and at the time didn't know much about it. I put it on Ebay, 'cuz I thought it was cute, and it sold for around $50.00! Boy was I surprised! Sooo, I am going to list this one, too, and see how it goes! Not bad for a kitchen drawer find!



  What a great day we all had today. This morning started out with a church wide pot luck breakfast and it was all so good. We have some great cooks in our little church. The service was extra special and we had some new faces. I so loved seeing all the little girls in their new easter outfits and I never tire of hearing about Jesus rising from the dead. What a miracle! We shared the Lord's supper and had 2 baptisms. We sang and listened and sang some more. God is good!
  About 2:00 we headed to my brother's house for a pot luck lunch. All sorts of yummy things to eat and lots of visiting. By the time we headed home hours later we were so full, no need for dinner! Finished the evening with a little TV watching and now finally this post. Have a wonderful blessed week everyone!


Wow, am I impressed!!!!!

  Okay, I am soooo impressed! I am absolutely brand spanking new at blogging and I already have "7" followers! That in itself scares me a little, no, a lot.....will I have interesting stuff to say, am I boring, too much information, not enough information, are my pictures blog worthy, will folks think yuck and never look at me again, etc. Well, I guess I could be perfectly, totally, utterly, completely honest and tell you that actually, I am not "totally" brand new. You see, I have been following many, many, so many of you for a very long time. I have been so intrigued by "blogland" that many nights my husband wonders if I will ever get to bed! (Okay, I will admit that I have had my face nearly hit the computer keyboard more than a few times because I am trying to stay awake to go on to the next blog on my many lists).
   I had absolutely no idea that blogs even existed until I stumbled upon one accidentally one evening a couple of years ago or so. Wow, why didn't I know about this stuff? After my husband observed me writing long lists of favorite blogs he showed me how to "save" my favorites-I bet he regrets that, no I'm sure he does! I am completely a computer idiot but when I found out how to do "Bookmarks" I have never looked back, or gotten to bed at a decent hour since!!! I LOVE blogland!
  Do you all realize that there are blogs for everything: decorating, cleaning, antiquing, cooking, being a mom, good wife, shopper, favorite this and favorite that, thrift store shopper, flea market lover, Round Top goer, shabby this, shabby that & shabby chic, travel, how-to, how-not to, YOU get my drift. So I am hopelessly hooked. An addict. Hello, my name is Lynne and I am a blog addict. Okay I need to go!!! I want to see if Ladybug Creek, Winnie & Tulula's, White Spray Paint, For The Love Of Junk, Bella Dreams, The Primitique, Fiona & Twig, Charlotte's Web (my personal favorite) and a few, about 50, others have posted today. I feel it's going to be a long nite........................


Final day of the latest Estate/Moving Sale! Furniture reduced and most everything else is 1/2 price!

 The furniture in these two photos is still available.
 This is a really neat cabinet fashioned from old sewing machine drawers. The brass and marble stand is a very unusual "smokestand"-the jar is for your tobacco and there is a small space underneath the top shelf for a package of matches. I imagine you set your ashtray on top!
 This is a very nice lamp/parlour table with cast iron paw feet. This lamp is available as is a smaller matching one.
 Very nice antique oak fireplace mantle with beveled mirror. Nice primitive painted chest is available.
 Beautiful tall oak serpentine front chest of drawers with beveled mirror.
 Library table with felt and glass top and single drawer. Gentleman of this house used it for his computer.  Art deco barber or beauty shop cabinet atop a marble topped iron sewing machine base.
 Great for storage is this dark wood buffet/server. Look at the sweet doll size ice cream table and chairs.
 Floral french provincial couch and floral upholstered armchair.
 Floral side chairs and Mackenzie-Childs style child's dresser.
 Mahogany drop leaf table that swings up and converts to a square dining table-for that extra seating for special occasions. Hard to see sweet antique oak vanity in corner.
Antique oak poker/game table-note little cubbies under each corner for your beverage-with assorted oak dining chairs! Please note that 2 door cabinet in background is sold.

Some smaller items in the above pictures may not still be available as I forgot to take my camera for the latest photos, sorry. The remaining furniture (all with reduced prices) is very nice and there is still glass, dishes, lots of Christmas decor and quilts-all 1/2 price! The address is 2104 Nightingale, McAllen, 8:30 until 3:00 unless we still have shoppers-we stay until the last person leaves happy! And many thanks to all who have already bought!!! And for a little teaser, we are already starting on our next sale-located in southside McAllen. More later......


Happening today.......

  Slept LATE....and it felt so good! But now I've got to move it, move it! We are having our public opening of this latest estate sale today at 4:30. We are excited! There is some very nice antique oak furniture, tons of christmas items, dishes, Barbie ornaments, jewelry, pictures and paintings, etc. We love doing these sales and always are looking forward to the next one.

  Last night we actually got the keys for "the next one"! This is always fun as we get to go in and start scouring the place-to find that special something and I actually did find a really neat item. It is a signed Harding Black piece of pottery. This may not mean anything to some of you but it is quite valuable. I will be putting it on Ebay with a starting price of $295.00 but really expect it to go much higher. I know the heirs will be quite pleased and surprised. I love it when folks we are selling for are in awe of how much we got for their "stuff".
  Well, got some running to do before the sale.....laters!



Let's get started!!!

Let's see, where to begin? I LOVE God, my precious family and am an extremely positive person. I love to antique, craft, and am always on the lookout for the next great find! I have a fabulous family consisting of my dear sweet husband, beautiful daughter-and new son-in-law-and a very handsome son.
  I am not fond of flying although I will get on the plane and go! Nearly all our married life I have driven on vacations and trips. I have to, I think it has something to do with being in control! Hmmm, maybe that's why I don't like flying? My daughter is moving to California shortly to join her Air Force husband so I may have to fly more, yuck!
  I am a gardener and am partial to native plants and especially like ones that attract butterflies and birds. I feed "my" birds nearly everyday with the standard wild birdseed plus the occasional old bread or leftovers. If they don't eat these "extras" the nasty possums will! Yikes! My backyard is very small but it is just enough for me. In the front yard I have rose bushes in assorted colors lining the walk to our front door. It is gorgeous when they are all in bloom at once. They are my pride and joy of the front yard!
  My bread and butter these days comes from conducting estate sales. This came about naturally as I managed my parent's antiques shop for nearly 31 years. A friend had this business and several years ago decided she no longer wanted to do it and offered it to me. I jumped in with both feet and have never looked back. When the shop closed a year ago this business helped pay the bills and is getting better all the time. I also sell antiques and collectibles on Ebay and Etsy with the name lynnesfinds. Because I love to craft I sell my creations using vintage jewelry, found items, bits, pieces and broken china, etc. on lynnesjeweledfinds on Etsy. It is so gratifying when someone buys one of my "artsy" pieces and then tell me how much they love it when it is in their hands. That is what keeps me going........
  It is late now and my eyelids are heavy. I hope you like my blog and I plan to post at a very regular pace so please check back!