Where have I been???

You know the old saying......time flies! Well yes it has! There are no excuses here. What can I tell you except that other things took up my time. My life and all that it entails. Family, so precious! And of course all those evil time stealers.....Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, candy crush and all those other games.......yes, I am guilty of all of these!
My family has changed a lot in the past year or so. My sweet Daddy passed away in January. Oh how I miss him! To be with a loved one at the end of their life is a precious thing. To be there as they slip away into God's open arms is a memory I will never forget. My 22 year old son, with us in that hospital room, said " I've never seen someone die before" and his Daddy and I said that we hadn't either. We let him know what a blessing it was to be there!
Another change in our family is a new baby, our first grandchild, a beautiful boy born in April! This is another moment I will never forget as I was at the hospital for his birth. What a blessing a new baby is! A new life! We are so so so in love.
Other things taking up precious time is my three antique mall booths. I love my booths! Who doesn't love having a mini store all their own? I love looking for new things for my customers and bringing them to the booths. Rearranging my booth is always fun, restocking, displaying and I also like to take pics of my booths. I usually post these on Facebook under Lynnesfinds, on Instagram under Lynnewilsonshropshire and of course, Pinterest under Lynne Wilson Shropshire.
While being in the antiques business for over 30 years I transitioned into conducting estate sales. This business is known as Estate Sales By Lynne. I cannot begin to tell you the satisfaction I get when helping folks with this service. One of my recent customers was downsizing and moving out of town. She thanked me profusely when the sale was over because she just didn't know what she was going to do. She even called me again several months later to thank me again, so sweet! That's what I like...satisfied customers!
I also sell online thru eBay and etsy also under the name lynnesfinds. Because of the above mentioned time stealers I don't list as often as I should so I need to work on that! :)
Well now I have updated! I am not going to promise to do it more often because life gets in the way, but, I will certainly make the effort to try. Have a blessed day and rest of your week!