Bad blogger!

Where did the time go? I was going to blog upon our return from California and LIFE got in the way! Imagine that! Well, I have been such a busy girl. I signed an estate sale contract as soon as we got back, which was planned. The sale was in a gated and guarded community and I have to say that we had our misgivings.
I can honestly say now, SEVEN weeks later, what were we worried aout? It took my husband and I over three weeks just to get everything arranged and priced. Next was the preview sales and then the public sale. The heirs had to pay for added security and it all went off without a hitch! We were blessed with customers, and the neighbors, who loved the estate offerings and helped empty out this very large house. When all the dust settled we were thrilled to realize it turned out to be the BEST sale we have ever done! God is so good!
Now I plan on being a much better blogger and keep you folks interested. My life has calmed down some and I look forward to a wonderful rest of the summer! Stay tuned........

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