Happening today.......

  Slept LATE....and it felt so good! But now I've got to move it, move it! We are having our public opening of this latest estate sale today at 4:30. We are excited! There is some very nice antique oak furniture, tons of christmas items, dishes, Barbie ornaments, jewelry, pictures and paintings, etc. We love doing these sales and always are looking forward to the next one.

  Last night we actually got the keys for "the next one"! This is always fun as we get to go in and start scouring the place-to find that special something and I actually did find a really neat item. It is a signed Harding Black piece of pottery. This may not mean anything to some of you but it is quite valuable. I will be putting it on Ebay with a starting price of $295.00 but really expect it to go much higher. I know the heirs will be quite pleased and surprised. I love it when folks we are selling for are in awe of how much we got for their "stuff".
  Well, got some running to do before the sale.....laters!



  1. Lynn!!! Thrilled to see you and your blog. I had NO idea. Well, you obviously saw my treasures I posted for the estate sale. What a good time we had. Yes.. WE.. my husband didn't mind going. Yayy! Loved getting to meet your daughter. What a sweet young woman.
    Can't wait for the next sale. Have fun. How cool that you know so much about this line of work.
    Happy Easter!
    Ladybug Creek

  2. Thanks Karen. I have wanted to "blog" for years.....and finally told my daughter to get it going, I was ready! I am such a newbie and it probably won't be very interesting at first but I will keep on trying!!! I'm glad your hubby came and liked it. Sometimes they just have to try it once, find something "they" like and they're hooked!
    We will be moving my daughter to California soon to join her new husband, as it should be! I will miss her so much! Glad you got to meet her! By the way, don't know if she told you but she graduated from A&M, WHOOP, in December! Thanks for coming to the sale and for reading my blog!

  3. Hi Lynn!

    I was told that I just had to check out your awesome blog by my sweet friend, Karen! I'm so happy I did! I'm so happy you have an Aggie in your family too, we have many! Oh, I know you will miss your daughter, thank goodness for cars, trains, planes, skype and iphones!


  4. Hi Nancy, you are so right. We can visit many ways these days! Welcome to my blog!