Tuesday happenings......

  I LOVE to feed the birds that come in to my little backyard. We have the typical sparrows, every kind of dove there is, cardinals, black birds-yuck, kiskadees, hummingbirds, etc. As I was walking thru the living room this morning I looked out at the back yard and saw these sweet ducks in my bird feeder. Yes my bird feeder is actually a bird bath but I use it for feeding! I yelled for my husband so he quickly took this picture. We just sat and watched till they flew away, which wasn't very long!

  We are totally finished with last weeks estate/moving sale. As of this afternoon everyone got their things picked up and I turned in the keys. I LOVE that feeling.
  This evening I worked for awhile on the next estate sale and things are shaping up! Which brings me to the picture above. We have been sorting and snooping and looking for neat things! Anybody have one of these or remember them? I found this yesterday in a kitchen drawer at this house. This is a small paper or note clip, in this case a paid bills clip. It isn't very large, about 2 1/4" wide, and is pottery enclosed by chrome. This little piece is by the Holt Howard company who put out really retro items back in the 1960's and this is from their "Pixie" line. There were other clips with different words, and other pieces like mustard, mayo, jelly jars, and in general kitchen type wares. This piece I have had before, found at a garage sale years ago, and at the time didn't know much about it. I put it on Ebay, 'cuz I thought it was cute, and it sold for around $50.00! Boy was I surprised! Sooo, I am going to list this one, too, and see how it goes! Not bad for a kitchen drawer find!

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  1. Update on this piece. Even with the flaws it had it sold for $43.00!