Let's get started!!!

Let's see, where to begin? I LOVE God, my precious family and am an extremely positive person. I love to antique, craft, and am always on the lookout for the next great find! I have a fabulous family consisting of my dear sweet husband, beautiful daughter-and new son-in-law-and a very handsome son.
  I am not fond of flying although I will get on the plane and go! Nearly all our married life I have driven on vacations and trips. I have to, I think it has something to do with being in control! Hmmm, maybe that's why I don't like flying? My daughter is moving to California shortly to join her Air Force husband so I may have to fly more, yuck!
  I am a gardener and am partial to native plants and especially like ones that attract butterflies and birds. I feed "my" birds nearly everyday with the standard wild birdseed plus the occasional old bread or leftovers. If they don't eat these "extras" the nasty possums will! Yikes! My backyard is very small but it is just enough for me. In the front yard I have rose bushes in assorted colors lining the walk to our front door. It is gorgeous when they are all in bloom at once. They are my pride and joy of the front yard!
  My bread and butter these days comes from conducting estate sales. This came about naturally as I managed my parent's antiques shop for nearly 31 years. A friend had this business and several years ago decided she no longer wanted to do it and offered it to me. I jumped in with both feet and have never looked back. When the shop closed a year ago this business helped pay the bills and is getting better all the time. I also sell antiques and collectibles on Ebay and Etsy with the name lynnesfinds. Because I love to craft I sell my creations using vintage jewelry, found items, bits, pieces and broken china, etc. on lynnesjeweledfinds on Etsy. It is so gratifying when someone buys one of my "artsy" pieces and then tell me how much they love it when it is in their hands. That is what keeps me going........
  It is late now and my eyelids are heavy. I hope you like my blog and I plan to post at a very regular pace so please check back!


  1. Well, it's about time!!!! Welcome to Blogland! Wish I had more time to keep up with mine...oh well..perhaps after Italy! Have fun! Hugs, Linda

  2. Thanks Linda. I have been wanting to do this for ages and finally had my daughter set me up. I am off and running now!

  3. Hi, just read Karen Peterson's blog and she mentioned your new one so I had to go read it. We have a few times at your old store in McAllen. Didn't realize you were doing estate sales. Might need to contact you as I am going through my mother's things. Glad that you joined the blogging world....susan de leon from Mission

  4. Susan, good to hear from you! I love "blogland"!