Summer is almost over & other things!

 Is this an angel or what? My husband is holding Miley, the third daughter of some sweet church friends of ours. She also just happens to be my daughter and her husband's godchild. Isn't she precious and LOVE that outfit! She is about 5 weeks old here and this was just taken Sunday. I just had to share!
 I am also sharing this pic of my daughter Charlotte at her Texas A&M University, WHOOP, graduation this past December. This leads up to her just getting her first teaching job.....TODAY! She is a newlywed (she and Tim married Jan. 14th) and is in beautiful Monterey, CA with her Air Force husband. They are living there for his training and now she will be teaching also! Praise God!
 This picture is from her birthday in May at a restaurant on Cannery Row in Monterey. They are so happy!!! Tim had been in a parade the day before and was sunburned, poor thing!
 Now I thought I would show some more things around my house! If you don't already know.....I LOVE stuff! I also love little stuff in little cabinets! This is a vintage tin and glass showcase chock full of goodies! Please note the mercury glass elephant on the bottom shelf which I adore. I also am fascinated with the moveable wooden hand. We had that in our shop to display with and after years of telling folks NO it is not for sale, I finally brought it home. I LOVE it! I also like stands of all kinds and clear jars with things inside.
 Here are some of my "stands". I managed to find a glass cheese dome lid that just fit this old silver plated compote, yum! Inside is a bird's nest that I made and then decorated with old pearls, eggs, christmas ornaments beads, feathers, etc.. The second small dome has a vintage style bird decorated ornament and several tiny vials of old china painting paint powder, so cute! The third stand was a porcelain cake stand from Hobby Lobby that I found the right sized dome for and it is one of my favorites mainly because I love black and white. Inside this one are several really nice vintage bird figurines, a vintage christmas bead strand, an antique bird decorated trade card on a vintage metal spiked flower frog AND a fabulous antique black milk glass vase with white enameled flowers, a favorite. Look also at the little antique walnut chest that the first 2 stands are sitting on. I LOVE little drawers, too! Scary, I LOVE lots of things....and it shows!
 I bought this sweet old cabinet on one of our vacations several years ago. It can hang or sit so I chose "sit"! It is hard to tell but this little cabinet is just that, little. It only measures 11" tall so the items inside are small, too! There is a 1928 tennis trophy, vintage millinery flowers, old small christmas ornaments, old flowery pins and 2 photos on a tiny bench..I also LOVE benches of any size but especially little ones! The photos are of me holding Charlotte when she was tiny and the other is our son Dustin, also known as Bubba. Each of these little antique frames have rhinestone edges and are very collectible. I set the sweet vintage painted metal flower brooch outside the cabinet to show it off! Just my colors!
 I may have already posted about this old washstand. It was in our antiques shop warehouse for years before I finally got inspired with what to do to it. It was plain 'ole pine, and not very pretty pine at that. Now it has a Mackenzie-Childs style to it courtesy of some paint and I added wrapping paper and mod-podge for the corners.
Don't want to overload your senses too much so here is the last photo for today! These old french style chairs originally had smoker's tinged old blue velvet on them and I found this great zebra striped designer fabric on Ebay. Again, I LOVE black & white, Mackenzie-Childs, decorating magazines-see the pile in the basket, the color pink, etc. Okay, enough! More blogging another day.....stay cool!


  1. Aww, momma this is so sweet. Love you!! Love the house pics! And of course the Miley pic :]


  2. Thank you sweet pea! I hope you have a wonderful first day of school as a brand new teacher! Your students will be blessed!

  3. Lynne,
    this was a lovely little peak into your home. I especially love those old french style chairs in the zebra stripe. They add a great punch to a room.
    Also wanted to mention your background design on your blog. I love the vibrant turquoise (my favorite) with the bright pink roses. Very cool pattern!
    Congrats on your daughter. You must be very proud.
    Lisa & Alfie

  4. Lisa,
    Thank you so much! Those chairs turned out better than I thought, I love them! As far as my blog, my daughter and I worked on the set up.....well, Charlotte did most of it!
    Yes, we are very proud of our daughter. She and our son have been true blessings. Thanks for your kind words. And I pray that your sweet Alfie heals up fast. Sincerely, Lynne

  5. Brenda, thank you so much! I am not much of a writer but just tend to put down what's in my thoughts! I am still new at this. Stay tuned as I am trying to post more often, Lynne