My local flea market, vintage jewelry finds, vintage bird cage and my new crafting room.........eventually!

Hi folks! Take a look at all my pics today as they cover a wide range of subjects, that's for sure! First pic is my now newlywed living in California daughter's room! Yes, it is pepto-bismol pink! When she was here it was darling I admit but now she has taken alot, left alot and some stays and some goes. However, it is going to be my new craft room hopefully sooner than later. And yes (don't tell my daughter) it is going to change colors! My "room" will be all shades of whites and beiges plus some baby pink and a touch of black! 
  One thing I recently bought is the black antique office chair and I found it recently at a garage sale for $25.00. I knew the older woman, I grew up with her daughters, and she said it came out of her father's sewing machine repair shop on South 17th street, now long gone. I love old McAllen memorablilia and was thrilled to know the history of this piece. It has a good home now!
 Now for a look at one of my local flea markets! Yes, that sign reads in spanish & english as this flea is only about 5 miles from the Mexico border....yes, I live in DEEP south Texas and have almost all my 53 years! It is not like it used to be but it is still home! Just for the record I have been coming to this flea since I was about 14 years old! Of course over time my tastes have changed considerably but no matter what my "style" or "wants" at the time, I can usually find something I "need"! Husbands just hate that word!
 This was an old drive-in theater so the front area is paved with slopes where your car would face the screen. For years there were lots of speakers on poles but now only a few poles remain. Check out this fruit and veggie stand, yum! Behind it is another stand that sells old linens, bedding and miscellaneous.
 Here is one of the parking areas-there are three at this flea. This one is a mess after rain which sadly isn't often. Fortunately this week we have a chance of rain over the next few days!!!
 Another pic of a booth that sells furniture and there are lots of boxes of stuff-you never know what you might find!!!!
 I found a woman selling some jewelry, new and old, of which I picked out these things. This vintage  large-sized multi-hued pearl necklace has a wonderful round sterling and rhinestone clasp. The vintage oblong scarab bracelet is signed Winard and gold filled. The small vintage woven ring is sterling and gold filled and is worn but sweet! The best piece, which is MINE-at least for now, is a vintage french coin ring that appears to be handmade and just fits my pinky!
 This old vintage birdcage jumped into my truck at a local resale shop. Well, it had help getting in my truck, and no, it will not be blue much longer. I have the most wonderful powdery baby pink paint in a spray can that will be used on this shortly. The birdcage is one of the items I want to display in my new craft room!
 I have always wanted a vintage bottle rack but they are so expensive!! I actually bought an AWESOME antique half-round one several years ago that my mother talked me out of-one of my big regrets-and darn it, she loves it!!!! I don't blame her. Well, I was scouting out some of my favorite blogs earlier this year and came across this rack at Laurie Anna's blog and online shop. It was new, looked old and reasonable and boom, I bought it! Aren't credit cards and the post office wonderful!
I have vintage medicine bottles and flower pots on my rack and galvanized tubs on this antique marble table top on an antique iron sewing machine base table. This was my mom's but she didn't need it anymore, yea! More on my backyard another time. Whoops, it is starting to rain outside. Thanks God!

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