Remembering February................

I was looking at pictures I had taken earlier this year and thought these would be worth sharing!  In February I took these 2 odd pictures of my daughter. They may not be anything special to you but they are very special to me. What Charlotte is doing, rather absentmindedly, is taking strands of her hair and curling and twirling them in her fingers and she has had this habit since she was very little. She does this with one hand then will switch to the other hand, over and over back and forth, while watching TV, on her computer or reading a book. Since we would be moving her to California in May I knew I wouldn't get to see her do this much longer so I snapped these pics. I realize they are nothing to look at but they are very special to me!
 Here is a pic of my Valentine's Day arrangement. I love decorating for each holiday! I adore domes and putting little vignettes in each one and have others scattered about the house. Please note the handmade valentines made by my children when they were little. You Moms out there understand-it seems like we save every little thing our children made! Most of my valentine decor is old or vintage with some new sprinkled in. Remember, you can click on each picture to get a closer look!
 February 28th is our wedding anniversary and each year my husband Terry and I like to take a long weekend to get away by ourselves and just enjoy each other's company, shop, dine, go to bookstores, etc. This time, our 30th anniversary, we went to Corpus Christi. We had not been there in years so it was nice to explore the area again. We splurged on a weekend at The Omni and felt so pampered. We had a view of the ocean and all kinds of little extras.
  We love to go antiquing together and hit many of the antiques malls, shops, thrift stores, etc. We even snagged some buys at an estate sale, the highlight of my buying part of the trip! At one mall I was amazed at some of the chandeliers they had. Someone had gone to great lengths to "decorate" them. The one above had all types of kitchen goodies and gadgets.
 This one was decorated with strands of buttons, beads and christmas ornaments. It also had old lace, tulle, flowers and some angels-though hard to see.
And still another had absolutely "loads" of pearls. Lots of strings of pearls of all shapes, sizes and color tones went on this one. Each chandelier was so unique! There were several more, not pictured-one that was an all red and green themed christmas decor. Another had pearls and then dangled 45 records from them, odd! This mall, the name leaves me now, was wonderful to look through. They had really unique things and the prices were not bad! Just thinking about all this and seeing the photos again makes me want to drive back up there. Maybe I can persuade Terry to go..........................

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