Tropical Storm Don!!

 This is a thrilling Friday! First I went for a ride down to Weslaco, TX and took my parents along. They have a booth, Memories Antiques, inside an antiques mall called Mimi's Attic. After much thought and consideration we have decided to close it. We have not been able to take care of it like we should.
 First of all we looked around and I found a wonderful sterling top dresser jar. I have a large sterling top dresser jar collection, of all shapes and sizes, and they aren't stuck away in a bedroom. They are proudly on display in my living room on a large pretty tray. This one will be one of the prettiest I have. We then told the owner, Ofelia, what we were up to. She graciously said she would put up our 1/2 price sale signs and off we went to have lunch at Keno's. Yummo!
 Memories will still be selling on Ebay as memoriesrgv. Nothing is on right now but check back as we get things listed, slowly but surely. We still have only one but extremely very large chock full to the brim of fabulous things storage room!!!
 Y'all do remember that I have a booth there myself and another one down the street but I will be back next week to put in my new/old goodies! And let me tell you, I have lots to bring!
Meanwhile today I kept expecting Tropical Storm Don to start raining down on us! Nope! All afternoon the expectant waiting and nothing! Finally, about 6:45 this evening, raindrops! It lasted all of maybe two minutes!!! Well, the radar shows it is still coming so I am trying to wait although patience is just not my thing! That's okay God I am not complaing! I can wait for the big show. Bring it on!
Now I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and if you get a chance take a shopping trip to Weslaco.

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