Weekend antiquing & junking finds...........

I am a junker at heart. My grandma LOVED to go to garage sales, flea markets, thrift stores and antiquing and quite frankly, she rubbed off on me. I have junked since before I was 16 but once I had my driver's license, look out! There is a local flea market that I have been shopping at for over 37 years, OMG! How can that be? It used to be a drive in theater many years ago and has been a flea market as long as I can remember.

 At this flea market times, and the merchandise, have changed. Sometimes I can find lots of "treasures" and sometimes I just come home with fresh from the field tomatoes! You just never know!
 This was the first time in months that I had had the time to go and I was really looking forward to it. I was not disappointed! I found some jewelry, even a Tiffany piece, and some great old oil paintings. Unfortunately I can only stand the weather, even in the morning, just for so long at this time of year so I gave it up by 9:30. It was just too hot! I am not ashamed to say that I am an AIR-CONDITIONED baby. Oh, by the way, I cringed when I received our last electricity bill, but only for a moment......I will pay that sucker and keep on keeping on staying COOL!
 At this said flea market I bumped in to a fellow blogger whose blog is just delightful!!! If you haven't been reading it you need to! It is called White Spray Paint and her name is Laura! She and her daughter were out junking too. I had seen a pretty mirror they had bought and was hoping to buy it from them. After I gave up and was driving away to go to my beloved AIR-CONDITIONING I spied Laura. I pulled up, rolled my window down, and bluntly asked if she wanted to sell that mirror? She smiled and recognized me, maybe from my not-so-great blog, and introduced herself. I was beet red from the heat and she looked cool as a cucumber, must be nice! She said it was her daughter's purchase and I gave her my phone number. I hope she calls. It was a pleasure finally meeting you Laura!!!!!!
 From some writings on the back these are apparently done by a Texas artist, yeah! I am particularly fond of the landscape one. It looks like the hill country and is just my colors!

 There are some neat pieces in this bunch! There is a Gorham sterling cat pin, blue delft piece, Tiffany & Co. bracelet and a blue glass flowers earring.
 Check out the victorian bird on a nest locket/watch fob-that one has my name written all over it, great vintage bird with watch lapel pin, crown shaped ring and a multiple pearl earring. Some of these things will be listed on Ebay and Etsy and others will be used for embellishing picture frames and making altered jewelry.
  As I said, I am a junker and will drive my family nuts on trips stopping at anything that looks like I might find a treasure inside. I haunt all the local shops, thrifts, fleas, garage sales, estate sales, you name it! And my house looks like it! But that's another story on another day! Anyway, I have found a few treasures lately, I hope you like the photos!! And who knows, I may bump in to YOU sometime! Happy hunting!

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