My new booth!!!!

 Finally!!!! Yesterday I spent 7 hours working on my new space and I can tell you, I am exhausted!!! Anybody remember that great aqua table from an earlier post??? It is now center stage and covered up with cake stands, garden art, etc. made from vintage ceramics and glass.
  Before I unpacked these though I took everything out of all my locked cases. I dusted and cleaned the glass shelves and then unpacked the new "old" stuff I had priced and brought. Then the fun part! I slowly started arranging my merchandise and I just love how it all turned out!
 In this case I focused on pinks, cranberry, gold, black and pearls with a few other things mixed in! I love mirrors too, and collect them, so see the three I have in this case. Remember to click on my pictures for a closer look! I took these pics just as I was ready to leave so it was quick and not close, sorry. Better pics next time! The mall owner was ready to go so I took them fast!
 I love this cabinet as it is lit, large and locks! I grouped items by color this time and really like how it looks. I find when I am shopping that I am drawn to groupings like this so I decided to give it a try. There's a lot of interesting items in this case.
This is my locking gun cabinet turned showcase. It was at an estate sale that I conducted and had no buyers so I bought it. I am so happy with this case. It could use some extra goods so I will bring more later. Believe me, I have LOTS to bring. It is hard when you are a dealer AND a collector. When I am out "hunting", I can ALWAYS find something to buy. Most of you out there know what I mean. Sometimes I just have to say calf-rope! Enough is enough.
  Just kidding! I can never get enough....................


  1. Oh my! I'm probably part of the reason you had to work so long. But lunch was fun and of course I am so pleased with my purchases from your booth yesterday. Bringing more stuff??? Okay.. I'll be there!
    Ladybug Creek

  2. Oh Karen, I would have stopped for lunch anyway and I already knew I would be there all day. Ofelia actually locked the door behind me when I left. Boy was I tired but I love my new booth! Glad you stopped by!