Middle of the night crafting!!!

 Okay, am I crazy or what?? About 11:00 this evening, after finishing a movie with my hubby I got to thinking about some projects I have been wanting to do. I had to put everything on hold for the last 3 weeks while I finished working on income taxes for us and my folks. Yes....we are some of those folks who wait till the very last possible time to do taxes. Ours was finished yesterday and I took my folks paperwork to the accountant this afternoon!!!
 So I got to thinking....it is bad when I get to thinking!! I started looking at this stack of plates and that stack of glass and what would match with what. I jumped right in and started matching items with other things that look good together. So far so good!
 Oh the possibilities...............I have been buying and buying for this project, and am still always looking for things that would be good go-withs! I don't like to slap things together as I want it to look "just right"! I take my time and try this with that and that with this over and over again until it looks just right...or at least "just right" in my eyes! It is now 3:38 AM and I am wide awake. This is one of those nights that once I get started doing something I can't quit and the time just flies by!
I have several things in the works now like cupcake stands, party displays, garden art, cake stands, etc. and all from vintage and newer china and glass. I just love tinkering with these goodies but I probably should go and try to sleep as I am attending a bridal shower at 10:00 this morning.....but wait, first I want to try this plate with that dish.........................

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