Mirror mosaic elephant and a French chair!!!

 I know, you are asking yourself what do these have to do with each other?? Well, absolutely nothing! I just wanted to show both of these things to you! This nearly life sized elephant is on some property adjacent to our major expressway here in the Rio Grande Valley. To be exact it is in Donna, TX.
 A circus comes to town from Mexico called Circus Vasquez, I believe, and they set up on this vacant property each time. Last year they had this great mirrored mosaic elephant set up out front to draw attention...and it did! Funny thing is that when they left town the elephant stayed. Well, after driving down the Valley numerous times over the past several months to take fresh merchandise to my booths, I finally stopped and took pictures of my favorite elephant! He actually blew over awhile back so somebody has him strapped down now......just had to show y'all this! Only in El Valle!!!
 This is the other thing I just had to show you. I purchased this a few days ago from a dear friend who just really didn't have room for it. She calls me up and asks if I want it?? Duh! It is an antique French style chair with wonderful carvings and a rather petite size, so delicate and sweet!
It is probably walnut with just the right patina of age and a soft tapestry fabric, just right and ready to go! This was hard to let go and sell but I didn't really have room for another chair....I just had to show you! It is now at my booth in Weslaco waiting for a new home. Until next time.................

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