My antique mall booths!

 Just wanted to do a quick update on my antique mall booths! These two photos are of my booth at Mimi's Attic in downtown Weslaco, TX. I have been rearranging both spaces, bringing in merchandise and freshening up.
 I have two vintage/antique showcases on the aisle and then you can step into my booth. I have a great lighted cabinet full of great stuff-on the right. At the back is a very long old tailor's table, display only, that I will be loading up later with some type of shelving, crates maybe? Not shown is another very large multi shelved lighted display case also chock full of great collectibles and antiques.
 This is my booth at Weslaco Antiques Mall only 2 doors south of Mimi's! I just completely rearranged this booth. It was long overdue and now is so much better! Remember you can click on the photos for a closer look! All the items in this booth are now half price! I am wanting to not only rearrange the booth BUT bring in all new (old) merchandise! Lots of great stuff to pick from so if you are local, come on down!

I have other news, too! As if two booths is not enough I am now at a third antiques mall but this one is in McAllen! My new space is inside New & Again Antique Mall at 1101 Upas, one block off Tenth street and very easy to find! Hours are Wednesday thru Saturday 10:00 until 6:00 and Sunday 12:00 until 6:00. These photos are the "befores", obviously, but my camera quit on me for the "afters"! I am headed over there tomorrow to take some more goodies and updated booth pictures. I have been blessed with great sales here already, thank you God! If you are local check out this nice mall run by some very sweet sisters! Thanks for checking in with me!


  1. Boy, Lynne, you are brave! 3 booths- Wow and way to go! I wish we had better luck in antique booths but they haven't worked well for us. I'm so glad they're doing well for you. I really like that 3 tiered wrought iron shelf in the Weslaco Antique Mall and all your display cabinets look great. Betsy

  2. I am brave....or optimistic! Sometimes I do well in one booth and bad in the other but they even out! I am going to try all three for now anyway!! Shows are alot of work, we used to do them. Best of luck in your new "job"! I think YOU are the brave one!!!!